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Heirloom tomato dedicated to a woman’s resilient life

This tomato has a special meaning

January 20, 2020

Ask the Gardener: Hellebore, moles, hyacinth and more

Everybody Gardens editor Doug Oster gets asked a lot of questions. A lot. And he doesn’t mind offering gardening advice. Read the full article…

January 20, 2020

Witch hazel blooms provide winter beauty

Growing witch hazel means enjoying flowers in mid-winter

January 17, 2020

Ask the Gardener: Sunflowers, lemon trees and plantains

Everybody Gardens editor Doug Oster answers questions about sunflowers that didn’t grow, exploring lemon trees and growing plantain leaves indoors.

January 17, 2020

What garden pros think you should plant this year

Our Doug Oster discovered some cool plants at MANTS with help from the pros

January 16, 2020

‘Bolero’ rose is a fragrant, disease free beauty

This fragrant rose is disease resistant

January 9, 2020

How to grow fresh herbs indoors

Growing herbs on the windowsill is easy and fun

January 9, 2020

First look at new ‘Invincibelle Ruby’ hydrangea at MANTS

This new hydrangea stays small and blooms reliably

January 9, 2020

Ask the Gardener: Planting milkweed, greenhouses and more

Everybody Gardens editor Doug Oster answers questions about planting milkweed, greenhouse suggestions and the ‘African Sunset’ petunia.

January 3, 2020

How to attract birds to the garden

Birds are fun to watch, but also help gardeners in many ways

January 1, 2020

Recycle your Christmas tree

Here are some ideas on how to avoid sending a tree to a landfill

December 29, 2019

Preparing garden tools for spring from PTL

Sharp tools make gardening easier, here’s how to do the job right

December 28, 2019