10 favorite deer-resistant plants

Doug’s Favorite Deer-Resistant Plants

Every herd eats differently, so that’s what makes planting things an experiment. Ask neighbors what isn’t being eaten by the deer and see how it does in your garden. Just because they don’t eat it in their garden doesn’t meant they won’t eat it in yours.

Salvia ‘May Night’ is tough beautiful and deer resistant.

Salvia- Both annual and perennial varieties
Lamb Ears- Deer don’t like the fuzzy leaves
Foxglove- Most are biennial, but there are perennial varieties and a hybrid called dixiplexis which is annual.
Siberian and Bearded Iris- Never touched in my garden.
Daffodils- Deer won’t touch them.
Garlic- Keeps vampires away, too! Anything else from the onion family, including flowering alliums.
Peonies and tree peonies- There are thousands of beautiful spring blooming varieties.
Lavender and many other aromatic herbs- Deer don’t like the strong smell.
Bee Balm- Lots of great cultivars and a great pollinator plant too.
Agastache or hyssop- Great perennial plant that smells like anise, indestructible and deer proof.

Here’s how the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden deal with the deer.

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