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Homemade container called a trough is easy and fun to make
Doug Oster

Al Deurbrouck’s love for rock gardening becomes instantly evident when pulling up to his South Park home. Low-growing plants line the entryway to the front steps. A carpet of unique intertwined green foliage creeps along the border right next to the driveway.           “I like to collect plants,” he says of

A city slickers first garden
Paul Kelly

A city slickers first garden In March of 1974, I moved from Pittsburgh to Leadmine, a small rural town in Tucker County, West Virginia. At that time, the population of the entire county was 5,500 people. Leadmine had a convenience store and one church. That was it. Two lady friends from college were teaching elementary

My Maple Tree
Nancy Martin

My Maple Tree by Nancy Martin They say that “home is where you hang your heart.” Growing up in West View my outdoor home was where I hung my heart, especially in my Maple tree. She was like a family member to me. I grew up never knowing life without her. As a baby she

Amaryllis, paperwhites and hyacinth create a beautiful windowsill
Doug Oster

The first day in Amsterdam, I stumbled onto the floating Flower Market along the Singel canal. The huge amaryllis bulbs stood out as they were bigger than any I’d ever seen before, the size of the largest grapefruit. Some were sold just shy of blooming with two or three stems topped with giant flower buds.

Houseplants get gardeners through the winter
Doug Oster

Stepping out of the cold and into the lush greenery at Chapon’s Greenhouse in Baldwin is like walking into a tropical forest. Deep green, thick-leaved indoor plants are stacked on shelves everywhere. Tree like specimens tower over the more diminutive houseplants. Danielle Chapon is one of the owners/managers here and enjoys growing them at home,

A Garden of Ice
Doug Oster

This is what happens when you turn a photographer loose during an ice storm.  

Winter beauties, these plants are stars in the cold
Doug Oster

It’s comforting to know that even Keith S. Kaiser, the executive director of the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden, still had bulbs to get in the ground when we met there to talk about plants with winter interest.       Like many of us, he’s procrastinated and is looking forward to his final planting. “I love

Gardeners share their favorite gift ideas
Doug Oster

Social media and gardening go together like compost and seeds. When I posed the question, “What’s the best gardening gift you ever received?” on my Facebook page, hundreds of people responded. Not only were there wonderful suggestions, there also were amazing stories too. My goal was to elicit responses for a story about annual gifts

Gifts for gardeners as seen on Pittsburgh Today Live
Doug Oster

Here are all the gifts for gardeners we talked about on Pittsburgh Today Live. The first group came from my Everybody Gardens website. Check out the Power Planter Earth Auger, “I Wet My Plants” t-shirt, EG kneeler and Dramm ColorPoint pruners there. The GreenPrints coloring book and GreenPrints magazine are available here. My favorite garden

The magical blooms of the Christmas rose are the star of the winter garden
Doug Oster

The pure white flowers of Helleborus niger push up from the cold ground just as all the trees above have become barren. The plant is commonly called the Christmas rose for its late bloom time and it’s one of my favorite plants. This hellebore is another season extending plant that would be mildly interesting in

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