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The Daffodil Song
Doug Oster

It was the sweetest moment. I sat with Pat Morgan in her backyard feasting on a caprese salad she made for the both of us. I was interviewing her about growing figs for this story. As we talked she told me how much she enjoyed a column I wrote about my lifelong connection to bulbs

Homage to the Acorn
Doug Oster

While walking on a narrow path to open up the chickens one morning an acorn nailed me right on the head. Living in an oak forest has its drawbacks, this is the year of the acorn. Some seasons the tree produces lots of their seeds. Folklore tells us that lots of acorns means a long

Same plant, different partners
Doug Oster

  Since I live in the shade I grow lots of impatiens. Luckily impatiens downy mildew wasn’t a problem this season. I love to buy a flat of impatiens and mix them in with other plants to create different combinations. I’m mixing them with begonias, coleus, succulents and an old favorite, dusty miller. I escaped

Cool weather planting adds color to last through winter
Doug Oster

This is a segment from Pittsburgh Today Live discussing what to plant right now to add color to the garden which could go all the way through winter. You can watch the video here. The things I love to plant right now are flowering kale, violas and pansies. The tall, tree like kale is a

Backyard composting and worm composting classes scheduled with PRC
Doug Oster

Composting is the best way to recycle. When we recycle bottles, cans and newspapers, we’re doing it because it’s a good thing to do. When we recycle our food and garden waste, we get the direct benefit of the result in the form of compost. When we give plants compost, they have everything they need.

Garlic is Love! Here’s How to Grow it and Use it in the Kitchen
Doug Oster

The unmistakable, intense aroma of garlic hits one squarely in the face when Ron Stidmon opens the door to his storage barn. The Beaver County garlic farmer is storing the nearly 50 varieties he sells in large bushel baskets filled with dry heads. They are beautiful, some with deep purple striping, others a creamy white,

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