Doug Oster Bio

Posted on: July 6, 2016 | Written By: Everybody Gardens | Comments

Meet Doug Oster…
Gardener and Personality

This can seem obvious at first, but choosing the right image of yourself to share is an art form in itself. Save yourself the headaches of worrying about lighting, clothing and makeup, and hire a professional photographer. Your face is your calling card and will become associate with your brand. People will also build a visual connection to you during their online search. Make sure the photo is one you like, one that looks like you in person, and one that sends a positive impression.

Doug does a great job listing his business strengths and also where his free time is thoughtfully used. This shows his commitment to a local community and leaves the buyer with a positive picture of Doug’s personality. Doug’s photo is welcoming and comfortable, and makes you feel he’s ready to show you your new home and talk you through the process.

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