The A to Z of Winter Houseplants

Posted on: January 8, 2018 | Written By: Friends of EG | Comments

It’s cold outside. Check again. Yep, it’s still cold outside.

That means we’re not going to be doing much, if any, outdoor gardening soon, as much as we’d like to. But that doesn’t mean we’re done for the winter. There are still plenty of houseplants that will light up your home and keep your thumb green.

Check out The Guardian’s list of houseplants and indoor gardening ideas that stretches the length of the alphabet, from an avocado to Zamioculcas zamiifolia.


Some of the highlights:

Avocado stone

You can grow an avocado tree, starting just with the stone.

• You can start an avocado tree at home just from the stone. (Here are more details on how to do that.)


A terrarium is a transparent globe or container in which plants are grown.

• Terrariums offer the opportunity to find the right plants for your home.

More reading on houseplants

For more on indoor gardening, check out this article from Doug Oster.

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