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‘Painter’s Palette’ is an easy to grow, beautiful perennial
Doug Oster

I first saw ‘Painter’s Palette’ (Persicaria virginiana) growing down the long driveway of Churchill Mayor Paul McKenna. He’s a magnificent gardener with a deep obsession for hostas. The plant was growing out in full sun, but McKenna told me it would grow anywhere, and in my garden it gets mostly shade. ‘Painter’s Palette’ has pretty

Creating Therapeutic Water Gardens
Doug Oster

A love of stone and water is necessary if you want a water garden as creative as a work of art. Tim Wood, owner of Aquatic Edge Pond and Landscapes in Greensburg possesses that appreciation. He kneels pulling a few small weeds, perfecting the waterfall and pond at Rizzo’s Malabar Inn. There’s just something about being around water that’s

Despite heat, rabbits and deer it’s been a great garden season
Doug Oster

You’ve got to take the good with the bad when it comes to gardening. My biggest challenge has actually been a little rabbit that sneaks in an out of the garden. I don’t know where he is getting under the fence, but it’s been maddening. This video shows me burying a fence inside the fenced