‘Queen Charlotte’ anemone begins the bloom

Posted on: August 10, 2015 | Written By: Doug Oster | Comments

Queen Charlotte

Anemone ‘Queen Charlotte’ is a perennial that doesn’t require much from the gardener and will bloom through the summer.

This is anemone ‘Queen Charlotte,’ and it’s one of my favorite late blooming plants. The first flower just appeared and the plant will continue to flower for the rest of the season.

Queen Charlotte

But it’s not just the flower that’s beautiful. The tight purple buds put on a show, too.

After the flowers finish, the seeds look like white cotton.

Even though it’s a sun lover, it will stand tall with only five or six hours of sunshine. It’s called a windflower because the stems and flowers dance in the summer breeze.

There are lots of different varieties, and this is a good time to find a few plants that are on sale.

Anemones are tough and will come back stronger every year.

It’s great to see something come into its prime as the season winds down.

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