Transplanting some Chlorophytum comosum

Posted on: September 17, 2018 | Written By: Kristin Uhing | Comments

Dave Campbell

I’ve tried to destroy these “Spider Plants” in the past (not on purpose), but they just wont die. This is why I’m partial to them. Not only are they hearty, beautiful plants that flower, but they withstand some punishment in the form of infrequent waterings and lower temperatures. I promise not to do that again.
I learned how to transplant the little nubbies (babies). from a coworker, and it’s pretty easy. You just need patience.
Once you have about 50 flourishing spider plants in your home and office, you can start giving them away to your friends and family. Trust me, it wont take long to accumulate that many if you continue to transplant.
First I pull off the nubbies and put them in a glass of water, just covering the bulbs at the bottom. I typically select about 10-15 nubbies at once, as long as I have that many.
Here’s where the patience comes into play. I usually wait at least 30 days for a really healthy root system to start, keeping the water level at the bulb.
Removing it from the water, gently separate the roots, but keeping all the nubbies together.
The next step is to just get a cute pot, and put them in some potting soil. Spider plants look awesome in a hanging pot or basket, but i prefer something I can move around the house or office.
That’s it! Well, minus watering it occasionally, and please give it some sunlight.
But its pretty easy. Even for me. Chlorophytum comosum rock!
Happy transplanting.

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