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Phipps' Winter Flower Show should be explored at a relaxed pace to reveal the attention to detail.

Phipps’ Winter Flower Show is a must see holiday tradition

Winter Flower Show at Phipps has something for everyone

The poinsettias put on quite a show when walking into the greenhouses at Janoski's Farm and Greenhouse in Clinton, Pa.

Poinsettias thrive at Janoski’s Farm and Greenhouse

Here’s how to choose the best poinsettias and make it thrive


Doug’s mailbag: Leaf size, no-light plants and grubs

Everybody Gardens editor Doug Oster answers questions about a mega oak leaf, something that grows with no lights and worries about grubs.

In the Garden: How to choose the best poinsettia and make it last

Everybody Gardens editor Doug Oster visits with Mike Janoski of Janoski’s Farm and Greenhouse in Clinton, Pa. The family has been growing poinsettias since 1978 and Mike explains how to make them thrive at home.

Ryan Gainey is a self taught plantsman and garden designer featured in the documentary The Well-Placed Weed: The Bountiful Gardens of Ryan Gainey. Gainey loved to dress up in unique clothes.

Well Placed Weed documentary celebrates the life of Ryan Gainey

Ryan Gainey’s exceptional life detailed in film

In the Garden: Touring the Winter Flower Show at Phipps

Everybody Gardens editor Doug Oster gets a special tour of the Winter Flower Show at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

Sloggers are a great waterproof garden shoes that slip on and off easily.

Gifts for gardeners

Find something wonderful for your favorite gardener.

Sue Abramson has written a book called 'A Woodlands Journal' and has a photo exhibit at The Westmoreland Museum of American Art.

The art of healing

Sue Abramson’s photography has helped her through life

In the Garden: Dumpster kale, a cool tree planting, protecting shrubs from deer.

Everybody Gardens editor Doug Oster, know as the garden cheapskate is planting kale rescued from the dumpster. He’s also working on diversifying his forest after a huge oak toppled. Oster also shows a great way to keep shrubs safe from deer all winter long.


‘Gardening Santa’ to pay a visit to Hahn Nursery in Ross

The “Gardening Santa” will be paying a visit to Hahn Nursery in Ross for two weekend days in December.


Terrariums can be a treat for gardeners when the weather turns cold

Terrariums are clear containers for growing plants indoors, and they offer gardeners a chance to keep growing through the colder months.

Milton Beatty holds his daughter Wanda (Beatty) Gerber is his arms. Gerber spent as much time as possible with her father in the garden. She grows many of his plants and also her great grandmother's dahlia.

Heirloom dahlia has a rich family history

This dahlia has been grown for generations

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