How do you like the idea of a robot for your garden?

Part of the allure of gardening is getting back to nature, feeling the dirt between your fingers and the warmth of the sun on your back.

But what if you could take some of the tedium out of the job by monitoring and watering your garden with just one device? That’s what the makers of GardenSpace were hoping to do.

The creators launched a Kickstarter campaign for $25,000 to bring the technology to life and wound up raising more than $34,000.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough money for mass production and they refunded the backers.

“Moving forward we are focusing on commercial and scientific sensors for farmers and researchers,” the founders wrote in a Facebook post earlier this year.

The GardenSpace had a 360-degree swivel camera that would watch your garden 24 hours a day. It would have required a water connection and to hook into your Wi-fi so you can control it with an app. It’s also solar-powered and covers 100 square feet.

Digital Trends liked the idea because “if the bot detects any pests using its motion-detecting sensors, it will scare them away with a burst of water.”

You can see it in action here:

“We’re collecting data on thousands of varieties of heirloom vegetables that you don’t see in commercial productions, in different growing environments,” co-founder James Deamer told Tech Crunch. “And that data is really valuable to scientists. So that will become really really valuable. All the knowledge of home gardening at the moment is locked away in books and in deep.”

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