‘Double King’ amaryllis is a show stopper

Posted on: March 14, 2016 | Written By: Doug Oster | Comments

'Double King' amaryllis is spectacular. Photo by Doug Oster Tribune Review

‘Double King’ amaryllis is spectacular. Photo by Doug Oster Tribune Review

‘Double King’ amaryllis from Longfield Gardens starting blooming inside just as some daffs opened up along my front walk. Yes, the daffodils are the harbinger of spring, but it’s hard to beat these giant red flowers.

I love amaryllis and I’m a sucker for anything that’s a double. These flowers are so huge, they threaten to topple the gallon sized pot they are growing in.

One of the fun things about growing amaryllis though is getting them to bloom again. This is the first year for ‘Double King,’ and I want to be sure to see these amazing flowers again.

I have a windowsill filled with amaryllis in various states of bloom.

I’m hoping for another bud to emerge from the huge ‘Double King’ bulb, and I’ve got a plan to see the flowers return for many more seasons.

Once the plant is done blooming, remove the flower stalk, leaving the long strapping foliage.

Treat the plant as a needy houseplant, fertilizing monthly with a good, liquid organic fertilizer.

At the end of May, I take the amaryllis plants out into a shady spot in the garden, continuing to fertilize and keep them happy by watering when needed.

The idea is the give the plant everything it needs for the bulb to store enough energy to bloom again.

In August, the plants are taken down to dimly lit basement and allowed to go dormant. They don’t get any water or fertilizer and eventually the foliage will dry up and the plant will look dead.

In six or eight weeks, the plants come back upstairs, get watered on the windowsill and then hopefully the first bud will emerge in a few weeks.

It’s wonderful to enjoy bulbs blooming this time of the year, both inside and out.




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