Everybody Gardens readers share their amaryllis photos
Everybody Gardens

Everybody Gardens readers share their photos of the beautiful amaryllis, as the indoor flowers can keep you sane when you’re not able to be out gardening.

Glenn and Phyllis Riblett have grown these beautiful balsam seeds for decades.

Buy balsam seeds from elderly couple featured in EG
Doug Oster

Couple offer balsam seeds to fellow gardeners

Mystery plant

Doug’s mailbag: Unknown plants, Christmas cactus and raised bed gardens
Doug Oster

Everybody Gardens editor Doug Oster answers questions about unknown houseplants, the best material for a raised bed garden and Christmas cactus care.

Kristen Spirl is grounds department manager and arboretum coordinator at Chatham University. The confessed "tree hugger" shows off some of the plants with winter interest on campus including this Chinese lacebark elm.

Plants with winter interest showcased at Chatham University arboretum
Doug Oster

The landscape can be beautiful year round

Christmas cactus

Doug’s mailbag: Christmas cactus, gnats, shredded leaves and more
Doug Oster

Everybody Gardens editor Doug Oster answers questions about Christmas cactus care, getting rid of gnats, using shredded leaves in the garden and more.

David and Kathy Brooke have raised a Christmas cactus grown for decades by David's grandmother Margaret Presutti Souse.

Christmas cactus preserves memory of a loved one
Doug Oster

A very special plant keeps family memories alive

Phipps' Winter Flower Show should be explored at a relaxed pace to reveal the attention to detail.

Phipps’ Winter Flower Show is a must see holiday tradition
Doug Oster

Winter Flower Show at Phipps has something for everyone

Ryan Gainey is a self taught plantsman and garden designer featured in the documentary The Well-Placed Weed: The Bountiful Gardens of Ryan Gainey. Gainey loved to dress up in unique clothes.

Well Placed Weed documentary celebrates the life of Ryan Gainey
Doug Oster

Ryan Gainey’s exceptional life detailed in film

Sue Abramson has written a book called 'A Woodlands Journal' and has a photo exhibit at The Westmoreland Museum of American Art.

The art of healing
Doug Oster

Sue Abramson’s photography has helped her through life


‘Gardening Santa’ to pay a visit to Hahn Nursery in Ross
Everybody Gardens

The “Gardening Santa” will be paying a visit to Hahn Nursery in Ross for two weekend days in December.

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