Beautiful Seeds: Fall Reveals What’s Left After Flowers

Posted on: November 18, 2015 | Written By: Doug Oster | Comments

Violas have pretty seed pods and they will sprout next year too.

Violas have pretty seed pods and they will sprout next year too.

Just because a plant is done blooming doesn’t mean it’s not interesting. Seeds and their pods can add another season of interest to plants.

They’re an important part of the ecosystem too. The seeds help the plant procreate and can be a great food source for wildlife.

By letting plants go to seed, we’ll hopefully get some volunteers for next season.

I love walking through the garden this time of the year to see the different shapes and textures that seeds provide.

I think seeds are beautiful, how about you?

Blog another ornamental grass

I always leave my ornamental grasses up through the winter. They are beautiful and provide habitat for good bugs too.

blog rose of sharon seeds

Say what you want about rose of Sharon, but I love them. This variety actually has sterile seeds, so no worries about being overrun with babies.

blog phox seed

Common garden phlox isn’t just a one trick pony, the seeds are cool looking. I don’t need any more phlox though!

blog more artisitc anemone seed

One of my favorite seeds comes from anemones.

blog garlic chive echivaeria

Garlic chives fall over on to echeveria flowers.

blog better brit marie

Ligularia ‘Britt Marie Crawford’ has beautiful seeds.

blog better ageratum seeds

Ageratum flowers in a hanging basket have gone to seed. Hope I get some volunteers next year.


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