Everybody Gardens readers share their amaryllis photos

Posted on: January 11, 2019 | Written By: Everybody Gardens | Comments

The tall flowers of an amaryllis can help keep gardeners sane during the offseason. We asked Everybody Gardens social media users to share pictures of their flowers, and they responded. We hope these pictures help you to fight off the winter doldrums and dream of better (and warmer) days to come.


Nancy Johnson (above) had great timing, with blooms starting to open on two of the three stalks just on Thursday.


Here’s a close-up of an amaryllis from Sharon Salmon.


Jenn Ippolito has four flowers in bloom at the moment.


She also shared gifts that she gave out for Christmas.


And Ruth Scruggs just started this Apple Blossom amaryllis bulb.

Over on Twitter, Dolly from Texas showed off a Red Lion amaryllis:

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