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Sue Abramson has written a book called 'A Woodlands Journal' and has a photo exhibit at The Westmoreland Museum of American Art.

The art of healing
Doug Oster

Sue Abramson’s photography has helped her through life


‘Gardening Santa’ to pay a visit to Hahn Nursery in Ross
Everybody Gardens

The “Gardening Santa” will be paying a visit to Hahn Nursery in Ross for two weekend days in December.


Terrariums can be a treat for gardeners when the weather turns cold
Doug Oster

Terrariums are clear containers for growing plants indoors, and they offer gardeners a chance to keep growing through the colder months.

Milton Beatty holds his daughter Wanda (Beatty) Gerber is his arms. Gerber spent as much time as possible with her father in the garden. She grows many of his plants and also her great grandmother's dahlia.

Heirloom dahlia has a rich family history
Doug Oster

This dahlia has been grown for generations

Azalea leaves which are still in fall color are covered in freezing rain.

Here’s what to do with plants when freezing rain blankets the garden
Doug Oster

When trees, shrubs and other plants are covered with a thick coating of ice, the best thing to do is let them thaw naturally.


Backyard composting, rain barrel workshops on tap for 2019
Everybody Gardens

The Pennsylvania Resources Council is offering plenty of workshops next spring, with focuses on backyard composting as well as rain barrels.

Canna lily

Doug’s mailbag: Canna lilies, elephant ears, daffodils/garlic and more
Doug Oster

Everybody Gardens editor Doug Oster answers questions about canna lilies, elephant ears, pairing garlic with daffodils and more in this week’s mailbag.

Lexi Spivak, 11, a student from Ross Elemetary loosens the roots of a tree she's about to plant as part of a One Tree Per Child Pittsburgh event in Sangree Park in Ross.

Tree planting teaches many lessons, One Tree Per Child Pittsburgh is growing
Doug Oster

One Tree Per Child Pittsburgh is growing

What’s your biggest garden disaster?
Doug Oster

What’s your worst garden disaster? I would like to know. I’m putting together a fun story about how things can go wrong in the garden. Either post something here or email me at Mine involves 300 tulips and an hungry deer!


Doug’s mailbag: Hibiscus care, tomato seeds, daffodils and succulents
Doug Oster

Everybody Gardens editor Doug Oster answers questions about hibiscus care, tomato seeds, a hard-to-find daffodil variety and succulents in the winter.

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