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Raised bed garden

The New Gardener: Completing the setup of the raised bed gardens
Mike Palm

Note: With the guidance of editor Doug Oster, new gardener Mike Palm will be chronicling his adventures (or perhaps misadventures) in starting a garden this year. So last time, I got the basic setup of the garden done. It will be a pair of raised bed gardens measuring 4 feet wide by 10 feet long.

Flower sale

Compost tutorials, plant sale on the horizon in Western Pennsylvania
Friends of EG

The Pennsylvania Resources Council has a number of workshops in Allegheny County including one focused on backyard composting and another on composting and wildlife safe gardening. Details: Call 412-488-7490, Ext. 226 or visit www.prc.org/programs. The Backyard Composting workshop describes the overall process, methods for setting up a compost pile, proper maintenance and ways to use

Daffodil Hortus in Washington County is Joseph Hamm’s paradise
Doug Oster

The sound of clinking metal plant tags jangled about by the wind echoes though Joseph Hamm’s Daffodil Hortus, one of the greatest collections of daffodils in Pennsylvania. This American Daffodil Society public garden is overflowing with spectacular blooms. Georgine Materniak and Carol Stough are carefully looking through rows of daffodils, blooming in every conceivable shape,

Perennials provide low maintenance and great beauty
Doug Oster

As the tiny sprouts of hosta stems emerge through the cool spring soil, other perennials join them in waking up in the garden. These plants come back on their own year after year, making many low-maintenance plants. It’s one of the reasons long-time gardeners continue adding them to their landscape. But there’s more to it

Weeding robot

Solar-powered weeding robot under development
Friends of EG

Weeding your garden is not always fun. So why not let a machine take over the drudgery of that chore? That’s the idea behind Tertill, a solar-powered weeding robot from Franklin Robotics. The company has a great pedigree in this field, as its chief technology officer is Joe Jones, the co-inventor of the Roomba.  

Angora Gardens provides therapy for clients, public and staff
Doug Oster

Julie Pecora is sitting in the greenhouse at Angora Gardens with temperatures inside hitting a balmy 80 degrees. It’s just one area of the nearly three-acre property used to help clients and the public. With the sound of the fans pulling cool air through the windows to keep the plants happy, she explains what she

Spotted Lanternflies

Pennsylvania officials gear up to fight invasive spotted lanternfly
Friends of EG

The spotted lanternfly first arrived in Pennsylvania in 2014, and state and federal officials and Penn State educators and researchers are ramping up to fight the invasive species. One of the most important issues has been awareness and education. The lanternfly could damage products of the state’s grape, fruit, hardwood and nursery industries, which are

Plant history

Historical horticulture documents to be preserved with $200K grant
Friends of EG

The National Endowment for the Humanities doled out $18.6 million in grants for nearly 200 projects across the country, including $202,000 to preserve 19th century horticultural documents. The Chicago Horticultural Society will conserve, digitize and disseminate rare and fragile horticultural records. The project is described as the “conservation and digitization of 62 rare and unique

Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright

MLB pitcher Adam Wainwright discusses love of gardening
Friends of EG

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright missed the 2011 season after having Tommy John surgery on his throwing elbow, but during his rehab he developed a green thumb. With plenty of time on his hands, the MLB star started doing some container gardening. And like some vegetables, his interest grew and grew. “I just got

Cedar raised bed garden

The New Gardener: Choosing a size and type of garden
Mike Palm

Note: With the guidance of editor Doug Oster, new gardener Mike Palm will be chronicling his adventures (or perhaps misadventures) in starting a garden this year. The flat area that we settled on last week is about 15 feet wide by 32 feet long. I figured placing the garden in the middle of that area

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