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Gentle yoga prepares gardeners for the season
Doug Oster

It was nerve wracking walking into the yoga studio at LPS Strength and Meditation in Uniontown with Elizabeth Cellurale from Cellurale Garden Center. Neither one of us knew much about yoga, but Cellurale agreed to participate with me in a demonstration of gentle yoga for gardeners. “I’m a newbie,” she said, but she was game

Daffodils on display

Annual Daffodil Show puts Pittsburgh flowers on display
Friends of EG

Daffodils are often called the sign that spring has arrived, and if you need any reminders, make sure to check out the 2018 Pittsburgh Annual Daffodil Show. The event, presented by the Daffodil and Hosta Society of Western Pennsylvania, is set for 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. April 28 at the Shady Side Academy Senior

Raised bed gardening secrets revealed by CobraHead inventor
Doug Oster

Noel Valdes might be best known as the inventor of the CobraHead weeder, but he’s a lifelong organic gardener who has been using raised bed gardening techniques for three decades. “I’ve gardened forever,” the 73-year-old said with a laugh. “We had to garden for food. I liked it since I was a little kid.” In

A real bee

Robotic bees? Walmart files for patent for drone pollinators
Friends of EG

Could a robotic pollinator take the place of bees? Walmart has filed a patent application for a pollinator drone that could serve the function of a bee. The unmanned vehicle would collect pollen from a flower of the first crop and apply that to a flower from a second crop. A sensor could detect if

St. Patrick’s Day heralds the start of planting season with peas
Doug Oster

St. Patrick’s Day is the traditional start of the planting season, and it’s something I’ve been doing for decades. The weather can be problematic though —it could be wet, cold or the soil might be covered in snow. Regardless of what’s going on with the temperature, the first trick to getting those peas to sprout

Magic mushrooms

Colorado voters may get a chance to legalize ‘magic mushrooms’
Everybody Gardens

Colorado made the use of recreational marijuana legal back in 2012. Now voters are hoping to do the same thing for psychedelic mushrooms. A group called Colorado for Psilocybin met this week with Denver officials about getting rid of felony charges for people caught with mushrooms. They’re pushing for a new law that would scrap penalties for

Bidwell Training Center celebrates 50th anniversary at Duquesne Light Home and Garden Show
Doug Oster

Gary Baranowski is on his knees, deadheading flowers in the Bidwell Training Center’s exhibit at the Duquesne Light Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show. The school’s director of horticulture technology is leading by example, showing his students what it takes to make each garden area special.   It’s that attention to detail that has made the

Mickey Mouse floral

Giant Mickey Mouse made of flowers, plants sets Guinness World Record
Friends of EG

The Dubai Miracle Garden features a giant Mickey Mouse sculpture that took almost 100,000 plants and flowers to complete. The floral Mickey set a Guinness World Record for Tallest Topiary Sculpture (supported), measuring in at 59 feet, 3 inches tall. The sculpture weighs almost 35 tons, while it includes almost 1,000 different plants and flowers

Legacy of “Uncle Punzo” lives on through gardening
Doug Oster

In the warmth of a little greenhouse tucked behind a brick house along a side street in Jeannette, John Wassel ladles out some of his homemade salmon chowder. It’s one of two greenhouses that overlook expansive gardens. A black metal sign is tied with frayed string to an old water line. In ornate gold letters,