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10 favorite deer-resistant plants
Doug Oster

Doug’s Favorite Deer-Resistant Plants Every herd eats differently, so that’s what makes planting things an experiment. Ask neighbors what isn’t being eaten by the deer and see how it does in your garden. Just because they don’t eat it in their garden doesn’t meant they won’t eat it in yours. Salvia- Both annual and perennial

Stopping deer in their tracks at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden
Doug Oster

While driving to work, Keith S. Kaiser hit a deer — again. It’s the third one in the past 14 months he’s encountered with his vehicle, so it might not have been the best day to interview him about dealing with the four-legged pests in the garden. “It’s worse than it’s ever been,” says the

Polar permaculture

Growing vegetables in the Arctic is becoming more of a reality
Friends of EG

Innovative permaculture technology has farmers growing vegetables in the extreme cold of the Arctic regions like Norway, Canada and Alaska. Modern polar permaculture technologies include hydroponic systems, insulated greenhouses and geodesic domes heated by compost. Benjamin Vidmar, the founder of Polar Permaculture Solutions, began growing microgreens in an insulated room in Longyearbyen, Norway. He then

‘Scarlet Fire’ kousa dogwood is culmination of 40 years of plant breeding
Doug Oster

I bumped into an old friend on the exhibit floor at the Mid Atlantic Nursery Trade Show in Baltimore and, as we exchanged pleasantries, he recognized renowned plant breeder Thomas Molnar, which stopped him in mid-sentence. “You’ve got to meet him,” my friend said excitedly. “He’s doing amazing things at Rutgers.” He led me over

Ivory Floral Design roses

Diamonds are forever, and so is this rose (almost)
Friends of EG

How does this idea sound? A rose that lasts for an entire year. Ivory Floral Design in San Antonio, Texas, has developed a special preservation process that keeps the bloom, well, blooming much longer than normal. “They’re dipped in a magical solution. We can’t tell you what the magical solution is because it’s a secret

Pepper Onyx

6 new flowers named All-America Selections for 2018
Friends of EG

All-America Selections has announced its first round of winners for 2018, and they include six flowers. Cuphea FloriGlory Diana is an Ornamental Vegetative Winner. Ornamental Pepper Onyx Red is a Flower Winner. Canna South Pacific Orange F1 is a Flower Winner. Marigold Super Hero Spry is a Flower Winner. Zinnia Queeny Lime Orange is a

Plants, pots and fun from the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show
Doug Oster

Only a gardening geek can get so excited about visiting the Mid Atlantic Nursery Trade Show in Baltimore. It’s a place where all the new plants, seeds and garden items are introduced. I go every year to see what the trends are for nurseries and to discover interesting things gardeners should know about. I stumbled

Garden technology

How do you like the idea of a robot for your garden?
Friends of EG

Part of the allure of gardening is getting back to nature, feeling the dirt between your fingers and the warmth of the sun on your back. But what if you could take some of the tedium out of the job by monitoring and watering your garden with just one device? That’s what the makers of

Cats can act as a predator

Do you actually want a cat near your garden?
Friends of EG

Cats can actually play a vital role in ridding your garden of pests like gophers, mice and moles. Tom Karwin, the president of the Monterey Bay Area Cactus & Succulent Society and a master gardener, plans to actively recruit a feral cat (or two) to patrol his garden. “Feral cats are, by definition, not accustomed

Therapy Gardens

National Garden Bureau offers therapeutic garden grants for 2018
Friends of EG

The National Garden Bureau is in the business of educating and encouraging people to increase the use of plants in homes, gardens and workplaces. And for the last four years, it has been trying to support the building and growth of therapeutic gardens around North America. Its Growing for Futures Therapeutic Garden Grant offers $5,000

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