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Seed catalogs bring hope for gardeners
Doug Oster

It’s said that a $50 investment in seeds can pay off with nearly $1,500 of produce. There’s something special about watching that little seed come to fruition in just a few short months. The economic downturn a decade ago brought seeds back to the forefront of gardening as people were looking for any way possible

Historic tree on the White House South Lawn is coming down
Friends of EG

A magnolia tree at the White House dating back to the 1800s will have to be cut down. The historic Jackson Magnolia is in such a state of decay that it’s been deemed too dangerous to remain in place, according to CNN. A series of artificial supports has kept the South Lawn tree in place


Study: College students with gardening history eat more fruits & vegetables
Friends of EG

An interesting study from the University of Florida shows that gardening while young can provide health benefits into college … and even longer. Researchers found that first-year college students with gardening experience ate more fruits and vegetables at college compared to those with little gardening background. Students who gardened as children and in the 12

Top 10 Fast Growing Annuals from Birds and Blooms
Friends of EG

Birds and Blooms is wonderful magazine for gardeners. They have put together some great information about growing annuals from seed. This is the time what we’re planning for next year’s garden. The first thing author Rachael Liska says is to know what type of annual you want to grow and when to plant them. Hardy:

A Prescription for a Nature Cleanse in Your Own Backyard by Kathy Jentz
Friends of EG

Garden writer Kathy Jentz , editor of the Washington Gardener Magazine has some wonderful thoughts on how a nature cleanse can help us unplug from the Net. Read the intro here and click on the link below for great ideas from her garden which to inspire you. The publishers of recently asked: “What happens

Discovering plants with winter interest
Doug Oster

On a brisk walk through Frick Park, Phil Gruszka is in his glory pointing out trees and shrubs that are stars of the show for winter interest. The 65-year-old director of horticulture and forestry for the Pittsburgh Parks Conservatory says he’s not ready to retire, “because I love what I do, that’s what keeps you

Guns and Roses

From guns to roses: Program transforms weapons to gardening tools
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A new program aims to get guns off the street and into the garden … with the help of some prison inmates. “Every gun that we get off the street, out of a home that doesn’t need to be there, it’s a success,” New Haven Police Chief Anthony Campbell told NBC Connecticut. The city’s buyback

Head Gardeners

Top Gardening Books of 2017
Friends of EG

If you’re looking for a British perspective on the best gardening books of 2017, we’ve compiled a list of their top choices from Gardens Illustrated, the Evening Standard, the Telegraph and the Times. Only one book made the list of all four publications: “Head Gardeners” by Ambra Edwards. “This book explores the lives, vision, and

New tree species discovered in Brazil
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Scientists at Kew, one of the world’s greatest gardens, in collaboration with researchers from Brazil and Canada have discovered what they think is a new tree species. A blog post from the famous London garden details the discovery named Dinizia jueirana-facao in Brazil. The tree can reach 130 feet tall and can weigh up to

Plants tested during total solar eclipse
Friends of EG

Researchers test plant rhythms during solar eclipse On August 21, 2017, about 215 million American adults watched one of nature’s most dramatic events: a total solar eclipse. However, most of the country could only see a partial eclipse. The path of the total eclipse was a strip just 70 miles wide, arcing across the country

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