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One Tree Per Child comes to Avonworth Elementary
Doug Oster

Charlie Hargroves enthusiasm for planting trees is infectious as he speaks to students at Avonworth Elementary in Ohio Township. He’s there to introduce the One Tree Per Child program for the first time in America. As he challenges the kids with tree questions, the adults in the audience are spellbound as precocious 9-year-old Lyla Sebeck

How to plant a tree
Doug Oster

The biggest mistake gardeners make when adding trees to the landscape is to plant them too deep, says Dick Till, assistant district manager South Pittsburgh for the Davey Tree Expert Company. For over 30 years, Till has helped homeowners make good choices when planting trees. “More than half of my job is educating people on

Planting shrubs is a fall tradition, try something deer resistant
Doug Oster

Randy Soergel is carefully arranging shrubs just like he would if he was presenting them to a customer. Different colors and textures are combined to demonstrate how they could used in the landscape. The owner of Soergel Greenhouses in Wexford has one major concern though when it comes to recommending shrubs. “It all comes down

See Doug Saturday 9/23 at Arbor Aid and Paw Paw Festival Carrie Furnace
Doug Oster

Doug will be speaking about the history and his love of the native paw paw tree at Arbor Aid and Paw Paw Festival held at Carrie Furnace. The easy to grow tree produces a fruit which tastes like a cross between a mango and a banana. George Washington was said to have enjoyed paw paws

How to compost with the help of Phipps
Doug Oster

A thick layer of plants that fills a dumpster behind Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is being sent away to be transformed into compost. “Roughly 80 percent of all of our waste we have on campus is compostable,” says Jason Wirick, director of facilities and sustainability at Phipps. That includes food from the cafe and

Compost cooks a roast!
Doug Oster

Randy McManus came up to me in March at the Duquesne Light Home and Garden show with an amazing compost tale he was able to verify with photos and witnesses. He recently recalled the story from September 1998.   “Ron really got into gardening,” McManus says of his late friend Ron Hubbard. “He was taking

odrobell farms urban farming

O’Drobell Farms
Kevin Drobish

Urban farming in bucolic Ivory Towers…