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Inspired garden part of Wexford Garden and Pond Tour
Doug Oster

Dawn Andersson, 78, considers herself a new gardener with “only” 16 years spent with her hands in the dirt. It began when she moved into the Marshall home she shares with her husband, Craig. Over the years, she’s relied on the help of three different landscapers, but it’s obvious when walking through the garden it

Free caladium bulbs as seen on KDKA Pittsburgh Today Live
Doug Oster

In this week’s segment from Pittsburgh Today Live I talked all about choosing plants that are red, white and blue for Fourth of July planting. One of the shade lovers was caladiums. They are grown for their beautiful foliage. You can get a free bulb at Hahn Nursery by just saying you heard about it

Making more plants
Doug Oster

Katie Werner, greenhouse production foreman at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden, is snipping thin branches off a thyme plant and pushing them into 4-inch-round plastic pots filled with a soft, moist, soilless mix. It’s always fun to go behind the scenes into the greenhouses to explore the different techniques the experts use, in this case

plentiful crop of grand rapid lettuce

Grand Rapids Lettuce
Jim Jones, Apollo PA

We did exactly what Doug said with the Grand Rapids lettuce and look at the results! Salads all summer long with this beautiful crop. Thanks Doug!

Biblical Botanical Garden celebrates 30 years of teaching
Doug Oster

The sweet fragrance of honeysuckle drifts through the air at the Rodef Shalom Biblical Botanical Garden in Oakland. Rabbi Walter Jacob is sitting in the shade at the entryway talking about the garden he created 30 years ago with his late wife, Irene.   While visiting more than 1,000 gardens for their book “Gardens of

The power of perennials
Doug Oster

A terraced hillside is filled with a multitude of perennial plants in pots at Soergel Greenhouses in Wexford. These plants can be put in the ground now and will come back on their own year after year. There are a stunning array of colors and textures, some plants hug the ground while others stand tall

Free tour of Renziehausen Park Rose Garden with Doug, Wed. June 14
Doug Oster

Join me on Wednesday June 14 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon at the Renziehausen Park Rose Garden in McKeesport to explore the greatest collection of roses in our area. I love this place and want you to discover it too. All the roses are in full bloom and they are spectacular to see and

Gardener’s rhododendrons create long lasting legacy
Doug Oster

“When the gardener dies, the garden dies,” Jim Browning was known to say. He passed away two years ago leaving his garden to be cared for by his widow and daughter.   On a warm May day, his wife, Blanche, and daughter, Becky Wojcik, walk his 3-acre landscape filled with thousands of blooming rhododendrons and