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Chelsea Flower Show is amazing…surprise!
Doug Oster

Walking into the Great Pavilion at the Chelsea Flower Show is jaw dropping, even the second time around. I first visited four years ago, and returning to this stunning show is a gardener’s dream. Imagine every plant you’ve ever wanted to grow in its prime. Roses, lady slippers, tomatoes, hostas and everything else looks perfect.

It’s the little things, a passion for Bonsai
Doug Oster

There’s a feeling of awe walking into the South Park backyard of Bob Dietz. Homemade display racks filled with hundreds of bonsai trees are the results of 30 years of passionate and artistic gardening. Poking your head in the basement reveals shelves on every wall with pots, wire and other bonsai supplies. He’s not only

Fell in love again, welcome to Sissinghurst!
Doug Oster

Sissinghurst Castle Garden was not on our tour of the gardens in London. It’s about an hour train ride south. I was surprised when only three people wanted to travel there on our day off. This garden was on all of their bucket lists as well as mine. So in the morning we walked to

The Savill Garden near London reveals unique beauty
Doug Oster

While descending a soft woodland path, the gentle songs of birds with unfamiliar calls ring through the forest from the tops of trees in The Savill Garden near London. Large ferns are unfurling while azaleas and rhododendrons flowers begin their inevitable decline. Puffy white clouds drift overhead as the garden reveals itself. Exploring a garden

The wonders of London: Day 1
Doug Oster

Sleep deprived and weary from an overnight flight I led a group of gardeners into the lobby of the Grange Wellington Hotel in London. Since it was nine in the morning the rooms weren’t ready, which was no surprise. So we took off to explore the city on foot. We only walked out the front

15th Annual Plant Swap and Giveaway Sunday 5/28 at Soergel Orchards
Doug Oster

These are ‘Limbaugh Legacy Potato Top’ tomatoes. They are big, meaty and taste wonderful. This will be the 15th year I’ve held a plant swap and giveaway. Although there’s some dispute with participants about how many years this has been going on. The first couple seasons I actually held the event at my house. It

It’s time to plant tender crops
Doug Oster

The third week of May marks the traditional start of planting for tender crops in the garden. But even though things like tomatoes, peppers, impatiens and a host of other plants should be fine, it’s important to watch the weather forecast for a sudden temperature drop. I know gardeners that have already put frost-sensitive plants

Doug’s favorite perennials
Doug Oster

I love growing annuals, but perennials will come back every year on their own. I need low maintenance plants in my garden. Many of these varieties are long blooming and don’t require anything from us. My number one perennial is Corydalis lutea. It blooms from April until November, is covered with little yellow flowers and

beautiful blooming clematis vines climbing an arbor in front of the dining room at Holy Family Manor in Bellevue

Holy Clematis
Janice Blados

Sister Janice Blados of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth is thrilled with beautiful blooming clematis vines climbing an arbor in front of the dining room at Holy Family Manor in Bellevue. They are growing over a statue of Jesus, Mary and Joseph at the senior care facility and have taken a few

History lives through garden at Hanna’s Town
Doug Oster

Joanna Moyar is using a sharp, long-handled hoe to scalp persistent spring weeds that have settled into the paths between the raised beds in the garden at Historic Hanna’s Town. The garden was created to replicate an 18th-century kitchen garden that settlers used to survive. Moyar is the education coordinator for the Westmoreland County Historical

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