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Plant pansies now for instant color
Doug Oster

The unmistakable fragrance of pansies fills the air in an open hoop house at Laurel Nursery and Garden Center. The wonderful aroma originates on a long bench covered with both pansies and violas in a multitude of cheery colors. Ken Heese, his father John and son Jacob all work together running the operation which has

Transplanting some Chlorophytum comosum
Dave Campbell

I’ve tried to destroy these “Spider Plants” in the past (not on purpose), but they just wont die. This is why I’m partial to them. Not only are they hearty, beautiful plants that flower, but they withstand some punishment in the form of infrequent waterings and lower temperatures. I promise not to do that again.

Starting with seeds; sprouting plants inside gets a jump on gardening season
Doug Oster

It’s 8:30 on Sunday morning and Travis Shoup is all smiles walking back to his Moon home from his newly expanded vegetable garden. “I call it an obsession,” his wife Karie says with a laugh about his love of gardening. “I call it a passion,” he says in response. Whatever you call it, Travis has

Planting peas is a St. Patrick’s Day tradition
Doug Oster

It was my grandmother who said “always start your peas on St. Patrick’s Day,” and that’s what I’ve done every year I’ve gardened, regardless of the weather. There’s something special about maintaining that gardening tradition. Planting those seeds marks the official start to the garden season, and when those peas sprout, I’m reminded of the

A passion for orchids; growers reveal the secrets to make them thrive
Doug Oster

Bright white fluorescent lights bathe intricate colorful orchid blooms in April Arroyo’s Penn Hills plant room, which masquerades as an office. The shelves hold tightly stacked pots filled with plants, some in full bloom and others waiting patiently to put on their show.   Her love of orchids started with a visit to Phipps Conservatory

Heirlooms provide history, beauty and taste
Doug Oster

In childhood, Scott Kunst was captivated by old things, whether it was the overgrown farmhouse on his paper route or the dinosaurs he fantasized about. He dreamed of a career as an archeologist and in a way, he is. Kunst is founder, owner and head gardener of Old House Gardens, which sells heirloom bulbs for