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Siberian Iris

Scenery Hill fairy garden trail sparks creativity
Everybody Gardens

The constant high-pitched hum of cicadas fills the forest at Robison Acres in Scenery Hill, Washington County. But don’t tell that to the scores of children exploring the fairy garden trail. They prefer to think it’s the sound of pixies and sprites flying from branch to branch in the woods. Asa Foulke, 14, is being

Beautiful Bugs! Love them, watch them and enjoy them
Doug Oster

  There is beauty everywhere in the garden if you take time to look close. In between raindrops I searched for interesting looking insects to photograph, it’s one of my favorite things to do. Don’t fear insects in the garden, most are good bugs and nature sets up a nice balance to take care of

Corpse flower at Phipps begins blooming to the delight of visitors
Doug Oster

Usually it’s the sweet fragrances of lilies, roses or hyacinths that draw visitors to Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, today it was the smell of rotting flesh that attracted patrons like flies. That’s actually why the corpse flower, named Romero, releases the offensive odor, to attract pollinators like flies and beetles. The smell can be

Watch the corpse flower prepare to bloom on this live feed.
Doug Oster

The staff at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens are officially on “Bloom Watch” for the corpse flower Romero. Hours have been extended until Midnight through bloom time. The corpse flower smells like rotting flesh when it flowers. The smell attracts pollinators to the bloom. It’s hard to know when this mysterious plant will bloom, but