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Double snowdrops are stars of the winter garden!
Doug Oster

After a long day of working inside on an amazing, balmy 64 degree day, I walked around the corner just as the sun was setting set to see my beloved double snowdrops blooming. It’s always such a wonderful surprise. They seem to appear in an instant and in some cases are gone as quickly. As

Free Gardening/Cooking Demo with Doug and Jess Sunday 2/28/16 (lots of free stuff too)
Doug Oster

Join myself and fellow Tribune-Review columnist Jessica Walliser at three Giant Eagle Market District stores on Sunday Feb. 28, 2016 for our monthly free gardening and cooking demonstration. We’re presenting “Sowing Seeds Indoors Now for Your Best Garden Ever.” We’ll cover everything you need to know about planting seeds inside and making them thrive until

Here’s how to make roses last
Doug Oster

Here are a few tips to keep roses from Valentine’s Day fresh. • Use a clean vase, sterilized with a 10-percent bleach solution. • Remove any foliage that will be in water. The leaves will accelerate the growth of bacteria if left on the stems. • Cut a half-inch off the bottom of the stems

Paperwhites fill the house with beauty and (wonderful?) fragrance
Doug Oster

The heavy scent of paperwhites lingers through the air in the house. To me it smells like spring, to others, not so much. It’s one of those, love it or hate it aromas.   They are tender daffodils grown on the windowsill and their perfume can be overwhelming unless you love their fragrance. They are

Flowers in the snow
Doug Oster

It is always a sweet surprise when early spring bulbs emerge, but simply amazing to see them covered in soft snow. The purple flower buds are closed tight awaiting another day to be the stars in the garden. You have to wonder what a snow crocus or snowdrop get out of blooming in late winter.

Thaw brings first glorious blooms to the garden (and worries too)
Doug Oster

Laying on my ample stomach on the soft, cool earth, I marvel at the first diminutive snowdrop blooms. The moistness of the ground starts to penetrate to my elbows, but I don’t care; a flower has bloomed and I’m going to soak in the moment. “Spring is here,” I herald to anyone who will listen.

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